The initial consultation is approximately 45 minutes long.

Upon entering the clinic you will be asked to fill out a couple of forms. These are designed to give us an indication of the severity of your condition, and to inform you about chiropractic care.

From there you will be shown through to one of our individual private treatment rooms.
Your practitioner will go through a complete history of your complaints, carry out any testing necessary, and if needed we can refer you for x-rays that will be bulk-billed.

Once all the testing has been done, your Chiropractor will then go through a report of findings with you. During this process we will discuss the nature of your condition, and go through your options for treatment.

Subsequent consultations are 15 minutes in length, which includes some soft tissue therapy and chiropractic adjustments, as well as advice on exercise, posture and nutrition.

Contact our office to make an appointment for a consultation.