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What is Neuro-Training?
Does your brain need a mechanic?

As the name suggests it is a modality designed to retain the human brain to function more efficiently.  The tool we use to interface with your brain is Kinesiology, which is a form of muscle testing.  A select muscle forms part of a feedback loop with the brain and can then be used to challenge the brain and elicit information pertinent to the issue you’re working on.  I liken it to having a conversation directly with your body.  It bypasses the conscious mind and deals directly with the unconscious mind/brain.

If you think of your brain as the computer that runs your body, it is easier to understand how, like any computer, the original programming becomes corrupted by viruses, malfunctions and other events.  The human brain is no different.  Over time we too face many challenges that cause malfunctions and cause us to adapt and compensate.  Sooner or later we start to lose function and begin to experience symptoms.  If left unaddressed they can contribute to mental, emotional and physical disharmony and even disease.  Fortunately, Neuro-Training restores the balance between your Mental, Emotional & Physical so you can be your best self.  Book your tune up today.

Neuro-Training is especially useful for getting to the bottom of complicated problems with multiple possible root causes eg. Infertility can be the result of deeply held negative beliefs, hormone disturbances, PSOC, endometriosis, nutritions deficiencies, stress etc.   

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