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What does a Clinical Psychologist do?
The initial assessment involves listening to your story so that the clinical psychologist has an understanding of your problem and the reasons you have come for treatment.

We like to be sure that you feel comfortable with your therapist. A part of the assessment will be making sure the therapist is the right fit for you and also the relevant expertise in treating your problem.

At the end of the assessment, goals for treatment will be developed in collaboration with you and treatment options will be discussed. 

Confidentiality is a crucial part of the therapeutic process. For this reason our clinical psychologists maintain separate files containing your sessions notes which are only accessed by your treating psychologist.

What does the study of Clinical Psychology involve?
To obtain full registration in  Australia as a clinical psychologist, one must obtain a minimum of a Masters or Doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  This involves 6-7 years of full time university study followed by two years full time supervised practice before full registration is granted.

Each year, all clinical psychologists are required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours professional development, which much include at least 10 hours of reviewing one’s clinical casework with a colleague or supervisor.  As such, clinical psychologists attend conferences, workshops, present seminars and liaise together to ensure they are providing up-to-date knowledge based on sound research.

How is a Clinical Psychologist different from a Psychiatrist?
Psychiatrists have trained to be medical practitioners prior to their studies in psychiatry.  As such, a Psychiatrist can also diagnose medical conditions and prescribe medication, which a clinical psychologist cannot.  

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Mood disorders, Depression, Anxiety & Panic disorders, Bipolar disorder, Perinatal mental health issues, Grief and Bereavement, Insight oriented psychotherapy, Mental health issues arising from childhood abuse.

Ivory Health Psychology
Our team of psychologists operates within the Back Into Health clinic, offering treatment for clients from 12 years of age and up a variety of services. To find out more about our team and the treatments offered please visit our page

In most cases a referral from your GP with a Mental Health Plan will enable you to claim a rebate from Medicare on your consultation fee.  Medicare will provide a rebate on 10 clinical psychology consultations per calendar year.  For treatment requiring more than ten consultations, there will be no further rebate.  However, private health insurance is available for clinical psychology consultations if it is included in your policy.

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