Restoring Your Body's Inner Health

Dr Liz Ritter, Dr Broderick Gordes, Dr Clare Coleman, Dr Gayathri Nanayakkara and Dr Nadine Toussaint are skilled in the delivery of a variety of adjusting techniques that may assist your body in attaining a state of optimal health and wellbeing.

At Back Into Health our aim is to treat the whole person, not just a set of symptoms. Our highly qualified chiropractors in Blackburn North provide treatment which is specifically tailored and dynamic, according to the age, presentation and progress of each patient.

Whilst adjustments of the spine and associated structures form an integral part of what we do, it is only a part of our philosophy of treating the entire nervous system.

Manual adjustments of the spine and peripheral structures are used in this clinic as are cranial and visceral techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, activator adjustments, drop piece technique and natural anti-inflammatory supplements.

It is fair to say that the main reason why most people would seek out chiropractic care would be due to pain. Whether it be back, neck, arm, hand, leg or foot pain, headache, jaw pain, numbness, pins and needles, altered sensation or any combination of these.

Naturally, our prime initial objective would be symptomatic relief, following which the underlying causes might be addressed. Once symptomatic relief has been achieved it is then possible to look at physical, chemical and emotional aspects of a person’s life that may have contributed to their current situation.

  • Physical – habitual postures or behaviours.
  • Chemical – environmental toxins and irritants along with what people are consuming or using eg. foods, beverages, prescription drugs, cigarettes or recreational substances.
  • Emotional – lifestyle stresses eg. family or work; that a person might be exposed to. Hence, looking a little deeper and addressing the “bigger picture” can often eliminate some of the external stressors and may reduce the number of treatments required for a presenting condition.
Back Into Health Chiropractic + Natural Therapies