Pilates and Yoga

Everyone can Benefit!

Everyone from the most physically fit athlete to people with chronic back/neck pain or physical limitations can benefit. Our friendly and experienced teachers are truly dedicated to our students and the disciplines we teach. Class sizes are small to maximize personalized attention.

We incorporate principles of breathing, stability, movement and mindfulness to strengthen the connection and balance of body, mind and spirit. A combination of the fitness and therapeutic benefits of body/mind movement will provide you with a workout to meet your individual needs.

The studio offers a friendly, caring and fun environment where you will be encouraged and challenged to experience your full potential and educated about your body, how it moves and functions and its relationship with itself, the mind and spirit.

If you think about  being stronger, leaner, more flexible and healthier to enjoy all of your life’s activities then you should contact us today to get advice on the best class for you.

Pilates at Back Into Health
Whether you need assistance to be free of pain, overcome injury and return to function or simply feel healthier so you can work, play and enjoy life, Pilates is the ultimate functional re-education mind-body practice. Pilates is a complete conditioning program which focuses on developing smooth, fluent, efficient and balanced movement through the organisation and maintenance of good posture, the appropriate activation of the deep core muscles, control, correct breathing and mindfulness.

In our Pilates classes you will be taught how to work through a full functional range of movement to not only develop your stability, mobility and flexibility but to ensure that muscles do not become bulky and shortened but rather lengthen resulting in a toned and lean appearance. With an extensive repertoire of exercises that range from easy and basic to extremely challenging and difficult you can be sure Pilates will satisfy your exercise goals as well developing a strong mind/body connection.

Yoga at Back Into Health
The most important teaching of yoga has to do with our nature as human beings. It states that our “true nature” goes far beyond the limits of the human mind and personality–that instead, our human potential is infinite and transcends our individual minds and our sense of self.  The very word “yoga” makes reference to this. It’s meaning of “unity” or “yoke” indicates that the purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves with our highest nature.

Yoga at Back Into Health provides you with the opportunity to deepen your self understanding through physical movement, breathing and meditation.  In our yoga classes we will teach you how to correctly organise your body parts, utilise effective breathing techniques and incorporate stability and movement principles to flow through the yoga postures in a balanced and mindful manner. The class will include a meditation and relaxation.

  • 8 Week Workshop Commences First Week of every school term*
  • YOGA
  • Monday 7:15pm with Monica
  • Tuesday 9:15am with Debra
  • Saturday 9:30am with Kate
  • Wednesday 9:15am with Debra
  • Classes run during school term. Please like us on Facebook at backintohealth for more up to date information on classes and timetable.
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